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Welcome to the first official Devlog for Neronian Raid! These threads are in place for the Development Team of Neronian Raid to show off upcoming features that will soon appear on the server for everyone to experience! As the server is still in a pre-release state, all devlogs released in the present will showcase features that will be included with the server launch. Once Neronian Raid is released, any subsequent devlogs will highlight upcoming features for the next server update.

There will also be some form of structure to these devlogs which I'll try to outline briefly. Every week there will be a 'Weekly Devlog' which sums up what the Development Team has been up to for the past 7 days. There will also be some 'Highlight Devlogs' (such as this one) that will be sprinkled in among the weekly threads. This kind of thread won't be on a structured release schedule; they'll come out whenever we feel like it!

So, without further delay...

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