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Jan 26, 2019

Welcome to the first official Devlog for Neronian Raid! These threads are in place for the Development Team of Neronian Raid to show off upcoming features that will soon appear on the server for everyone to experience! As the server is still in a pre-release state, all devlogs released in the present will showcase features that will be included with the server launch. Once Neronian Raid is released, any subsequent devlogs will highlight upcoming features for the next server update.

There will also be some form of structure to these devlogs which I'll try to outline briefly. Every week there will be a 'Weekly Devlog' which sums up what the Development Team has been up to for the past 7 days. There will also be some 'Highlight Devlogs' (such as this one) that will be sprinkled in among the weekly threads. This kind of thread won't be on a structured release schedule; they'll come out whenever we feel like it!

So, without further delay, let's get into this devlog! This log's focus is the new error handling system that has been put in place this week to allow the staff of NR to best help you when a server/plugin error arises.

During your time on Neronian Raid, things should run smoothly (as they are designed to do so) but we all know that sometimes the worst can happen even if it doesn't seem physically possibly for anything to go wrong. Some servers take the approach of silencing the error and then letting developers sort it out behind the scenes, some servers simply tell you 'We encountered an error doing that!' which is a useless tidbit of information to both staff members and affected players, and some servers give you (probably a non-technical player) the full crash log that even the best of programmers can sometimes struggle to understand.

We have taken a slightly different approach to errors which we hope you will find effortless to use and powerfully effective at providing solutions. Introducing the Error Codes and Support PINs system. Whenever you encounter an error/crash on Neronian Raid you will be provided with an error code and your personal Support PIN. There is a different error code (each named after a Roman God/Goddess) for each error that can occur, and your Support PIN (which you should not disclose to other players) remains constant during your time at Neronian Raid.

When reporting the error to a member of staff they will ask you for the error code, approximate time of error, and your Support PIN. The Support PIN system is put in place so that other players cannot pretend to be you, as some solutions to fixes involve staff members accessing your private account information. Once the staff member has validated your Support PIN, they will swiftly deal with any problems correlating to the error code you provided.

When you receive an error code on Neronian Raid it will appear in one of two formats. If the error is not a game-breaking issue then you will be messaged the error code, and Support PIN, in chat and told to contact a member of staff or email our dedicated support team. If, however, the issue is a game-breaking glitch (such as corrupted player data) then you will be instantly kicked when the error is discovered on the server and the kick message will contain these details. Also, in some cases, you may be told to not log back in until the issue has been confirmed as fixed by a member of staff; this warning will be displayed on the kick screen if applicable.

Here is an screenshot of the kick screen (this example is for the 'APOLLO' error code):

As you can see from the image above, the error code for the glitch this player encountered was 'APOLLO'. Please note the 'Extra Info' field (which is not always applicable) informing this player to not log back on until they've consulted staff about the error. This is for your safety; please do not think that 'it will fix itself if I just log back on' because it won't! In most cases it will only break things further and in some cases permanent damage can occur!

We hope that this system will not come into use often however we also acknowledge that glitches can arise even in the best conditions (which we hope to run Neronian Raid under) so it is crucial that a proper platform is in place to get any errors you may encounter dealt with in a speedy manner.
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